Retiring is not as simple for employees as it used to be even a decade ago. People these days can expect longer and healthier lives after they retire and need to look beyond early financial considerations into key issues such as life style management and work-for-pay options. At LMC we have been helping employees transition for over twenty years and can help them move from full time work to retirement by providing assistance in planning their finances, making life style adjustments and finding paid work as desired or needed.

Financial Considerations

Working closely with the retiree and his or her spouse, our financial advisor reviews key information on pension and benefits, as well as investments and savings, to develop a detailed income and expense statement. By bringing clarity to complex information, the financial advisor is able to offer specific guidance on the retirees' current financial situation and address outstanding concerns that may be sources of uncertainty or anxiety. Working together, the planner will develop a customized plan designed to help the retirees meet their future objectives.

Life Style Considerations

For many retirees, adjusting to a less structured life presents unexpected challenges. What had appeared to be an appealing and carefree alternative to life in the workforce can quickly dissolve into boredom, monotony and disillusionment. Through a series of structured exercises and assessment instruments, our consultants can help retirees open up new options in a flexible, phased retirement model. The focus is on developing a life style plan that truly reflects individual interests and goals.

Work Considerations

Certainly more retirees these days want to continue working, because they either like to or have to, in order to maintain their lifestyle. Although the intention to work is strong, the solutions to finding employment have likely changed since they were last in the marketplace. Our consultants can help retirees identify suitable work options that may include marketing themselves for short-term assignments or contract roles, competing for full time work or exploring new income streams through self-employment. By developing up-to-date strategies to explore options and secure employment, retirees improve the odds of landing work in their area of preference. Central to these objectives is the development of improved resumes and interviewing / marketing skills to support career direction.

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