Leadership Development Plans

As part of leadership development, organizations realize the benefit of creating development plans for their high potential employees and future leaders. The process needs to be objective and involve input from the employee and their leader as well as comprehensive testing that assesses leadership behaviours.

LMC has assisted many clients with assessing high potential employees and developing leaders through executive coaching. Over the last few years LMC has integrated these areas of expertise in a process for creating development plans for future leaders.

The Steps of the Process

  • Discuss and explore with the employee's leader potential development areas.
  • Explain the process to employee and the importance of the behavioural assessment.
  • Fully review the assessment results with employee and identify key development areas.
  • Draft a preliminary development plan based information gathered from leader, employee and the assessment.
  • Review preliminary development plan with the employee's leader to ensure it is in line with the organization's needs.
  • Finalize, present and discuss development plan with the employee and their leader and ensure that the employee is fully committed to the process.

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