Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is recognized as an important tool for developing leaders who can successfully meet the challenges of a rapidly changing business landscape. Whether it is to help executives develop new behaviours that are aligned to current or future roles, retain or optimize high value leaders or provide an objective perspective on key issues, executive coaching has become a key developmental initiative.

As a provider of executive coaching since 1996, LMC International has had the opportunity to complete successful assignments in major Canadian, North American and Global organizations and develop considerable expertise in assisting senior level leaders in the following areas:

Executive Development

In order to be considered for more senior positions or become successful in newly appointed roles, leaders need to develop the perspectives and behaviours that are critical to those roles. Through coaching, leaders are able to develop appropriate behaviours that are consistent with the demands of more senior positions.

Optimizing Performance

The coaching assists individuals change patterned behaviors that are impacting their leadership effectiveness. The process helps leaders understand the link between how they are perceived and their work related behaviours. It allows them to develop behaviours that reshape perceptions and enable them to deal more effectively with the fluid corporate realities they are facing.

Retaining High Potentials

High potential leaders value the support an executive coach can provide in assisting them optimize their skills and talents and maximize their contribution to the organization's goals. The process of executive coaching offers them the opportunity to identify the different ways they can utilize their potential and strengthen their commitment to the organization.

Senior Advisor

Over the years, a lot of leaders have come to appreciate the importance of discussing ideas and challenges with skilled, external coaches who can provide broader business perspectives to their realities. The coaching guides the leader in adopting a more strategic view of key issues and an understanding of their leadership style and how it influences their approach to these issues..

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