LMC International has successfully used a number of assessment instruments in various leadership and talent development initiatives.


BirkmanThe Birkman assessment is a powerful development tool that is widely used by organizations.Results are generated through an interactive database that provides detailed information on leadership behaviours. The executive receives a comprehensive report that displays the information in a meaningful way utilizing graphs and data. An LMC coach reviews the results with the leader that allows them to understand how the results apply to their current role and work environment.

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Facet5 measures the five fundamental building blocks of personality:  Will, Energy, Affection, Control and Emotionality and provides a comprehensive description of personality and behaviour.  It generates a number of practical and useful interpretive reports that are well suited for executive coaching, leadership development, coaching of high potentials and career management.

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MyersBriggs Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality inventory that many organizations use to help individuals understand how their personality type influences their behaviour. By discovering their four-letter personality code, employees can identify and use their preferences to make career decisions and identify developmental needs. The MBTI has been used successfully in career coaching for high potentials and talent management.


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Strong Interest InventoryStrong

The Strong Interest Inventory (Strong) measures an individual's interests in a broad range of occupations, work activities and leisure activities. Using the Strong, employees can plan each step of their career path with one goal in mind: to match their interests with satisfying careers. It can help them make career decisions, seek more satisfying work within an organization or explore career options. In addition to career coaching for high potentials, organizations have used the Strong in talent development initiatives.

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This easy to complete on-line instrument provides employees with the opportunity to learn about their tendencies, needs and preferred environments, become aware of their potential strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to become more effective in their positions. Additional reports provide managers with suggestions on how to bring out the best in their employees by focusing on how to manage them, help them manage others and create more positive relationships overall. The DISC can also be used in career coaching for high potentials and talent development.

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Self Assessment

Our online self assessment exercises give employees the opportunity to review their career history in a systematic way and identify their functional and transferable strengths, work related values and preferred work environment characteristics. It also offers them the opportunity to receive 360 feedback on their findings from present and past colleagues and managers. The Self Assessment provides concrete information that can be used in career coaching and development of high potentials.

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